Antler Beads



Promise Land Tannery

Est. 2006


Hand Carved and Turned Deer Antler Beads


Deer Antler Beads- Natural Texture

Made from deer antler. Sanded, tumbled and Buffed to a light polish. Center Drilled or Offset drilled or Mixed, please specify. Lengths vary, usually the length is 2/3rds to equal the diameter of the bead, or just over. Each bead is drilled with a  hole appropriate to it's size. Most are drilled with a 1/8" hole to accept most lanyards or leather lacing. Larger Custom drilled holes are available at additional cost.




Assorted Your Choice of Size Just $2.99 each

S- Small- 1/2" diameter and smaller, mixed lengths. 

M- Medium- 1/2" to 3/4" diameter, mixed lengths

L- Large- 3/4" and Larger Diameter, mixed lengths