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 Antler Dog Chews:


MINIMUM 20 Pound combined Weight To qualify for Wholesale Pricing. 

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Since Antler Prices Do change with the seasons, availablity and the weather, our prices are subject to change without notice and at our discretion.

About the Antler-

We only use Solid antler for our dog chews.  Mostly Hard White and Brown. Some antler may have light surface cracks, but we do our best to keep this to a minium.  We use Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk and Moose Antler for our Dog chews. 90% Wild Found, Naturally Shed antlers.  The remaining 10% is from Hunter taken and Ranched/Farmed Deer.

Custom Requests for specific Sizes, Species, Shapes and cuts are always welcome.  Call us at (509)422-3814.


Orders will be Filled Each week to ship on Monday.  Leadtimes may be up to 30 days  on orders over 200 lbs.




Standard Chews

Our Standard chews are a good mix of Deer and elk Antler (no choice, Random).

Call for Pricing on Elk only or Deer only Chews.

Standard chews are Minimum Average Diameter of 5/8", up to 2"+

Assorted- Assorted Sizes- Small to XL- May be Straight Cut or Branched- $21

Assorted: Straight Cut- Assorted Sizes- Small to XL-  $21

Small- Straight Cut- 4-5 inches Long- 5-7 pcs/lb-  $26

Medium- Straight Cut- 6-7 inches Long-3-6 pcs/lb- $24

Large- Straight Cut- 8-9" Long- 2-4 pcs/lb- $23

Extra Large- Straight Cut- 10-12"- 1-2 pcs/lb Long $22


Big Dog Sticks

Big Dog Sticks are 1 1/4" minimum Diameter. All Big Dog Sticks are Straight Cut Elk. Pieces range between 1/2 to 1 1/2 pounds per piece.

Assorted- Large and XL- $23

Large- 7-9" Long $24

Extra Large- 10-14" Long $24


Split Chews

Split Chews are Split Lenght-wise to make it easier for small dogs to chew the soft center. Not recommended for Large dogs that crush antler.  Elk Antler.


Small-4-5" Long  $29

Medium- 6-7" Long $27

Large- 8-9" Long $26

XL- 10-12" Long $25


Small-4-5" Long  $27

Medium- 6-7" Long $25

Large- 8-9" Long $24

XL- 10-12" Long $23


Other Chews

  Donuts- 1/4" to 5/8" Thick slices of antler 2" Dia and Larger. (For Toy Dogs) 10-20+ pieces per pound $29

Moose Chews - 1 to 4 inch wide Strips Cut from Moose Palms- 4-10" long Assorted Only- $25

Shed Elk Burrs- 2.5 to 4 inches in diameter and 1/2 to 1" thick  $32


Sample Photos:


Assorted Standard Chews

Small Straight Cut

Medium Straight Cut

Large Straight Cut

Big Dog Sticks

Moose Chews-