Whole Shed Antlers- Singles and Sets



Promise Land Tannery

Est. 2006


Bulk Shed Antler, Shed Sets, and Bulk Cut Antler

Please see our Grade Descriptions for a more detailed description of what the terms we use to describe our antler products and others mean. Some of these items are One-of-a-Kind and are sold on a first come first served basis. What you see is what you get. All items are subject to prior sale- we try to update daily but this is not always possible. Please refer to PLTL#**** when ordering these items. Please refer to the description that follows each item for more information about that item.

Please call us for Current Availablity in the size/quantity you need.

Elk Antler

#1 Sheds- $25 a pound

#2 Sheds- $23 a pound

#1 Cut offs- $24 a pound

#2 Cut offs- $21 a pound

#3/Weathered Sheds/Cutoffs- Small Antlers(under 3.5 feet) $9.50 a pound

#3/Weathered Sheds/Cutoffs- Large Antlers $6.50 a Pound


Whitetail and Mule Deer Antler

#1 Sheds- Assorted- $23 a pound

#1 Sheds- Spike to XS 3-4 Points- $28 a pound

#2 Sheds- $20 a pound

#3/Weathered Sheds Only- $13.50 a pound

#1 Cut offs- XS and Small $25 a pound

#1 Cut offs- $22 a pound

#2 Cut offs- $20 a pound

#3/Weathered Cutoffs- $13.50 a pound


 Moose Antlers

#1 Sheds- $25 a pound

#2 Sheds- $20 a pound

#3/Weathered Sheds Only- $8 a pound

#1 Cut offs- $22 a pound

#2 Cut offs- $20 a pound

#3/Weathered Cutoffs- $7.50 a pound


Exotic Antlers

Fallow Deer #1 Sheds- $25 a pound

Fallow Deer #2 Sheds- $20 a pound

Axis Deer #1 Sheds- $25 a pound

Axis Deer #2 Sheds- $23 a Pound

Red Stag, Sika and others may also be available.




- Most Whitetail and Mule Deer antlers of average size weigh between 1/2 and 1 1/2 pounds.

- Elk Antlers Weigh between 3 and 15 pounds per antler.

- Moose antlers weigh between 3 and 20 pounds per antler.

- #1, #2 and #3 grade antler is defined Here:Grade Descriptions

- Shipping on antlers is usually $15 minimum and $1.25 per pound ordered after that.

- The fastest we can ship antler from here is Second Day Air UPS. We Do not have Next Day Air Service from our Location.

- We can bill directly to your UPS Shipper Account.

- We Can Ship Large antler orders via Truck Freight. $75 crating Fee Applies.

- No Minimum order on Antler.  Ordering one or two whole antlers is fine.

- If you are ordering for a wedding or other function, the easiest way is to let me know how many individual antlers you want.  Deer antlers work best for Round tables and small arrangements. Elk antlers are nice for Long/Rectangle tables, cake tables, alters, arbours and other large tables with alot of empty space.

- Coordinating Antler pieces can also be incorperated into Bridesmaids bouquets, corsages, hair pieces and more. Just ask.


Sample Photos:

Bulk Weathered Antler

25-30 Pounds of Weathered White Deer antler.

 Sheds or Cutoffs -Assorted- See image above for a photo comparison. Left pair are Shed antlers, Right pair are Cutoffs.

#1 Deer Antler

Extra Small antlers

Small Antlers

Medium Antlers


#2 Deer antler

Looks just like #1 but may have a faded side, some porcupine chews or broken tines


Fallow Deer