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Custom Hide Tanning

Custom Tanning for the Small Livestock Producer  and Hunter


***Please Note: Due to changes in the interpretation of Washington State Game laws, we will no longer be accepting "Wholesale" tanning. ALL Wildlife hides must be accompanied by a completed game ledger with the complete info of the hunter and owner.  We apologize for policies outside our control.
Any wildlife hide NOT accompanied by a completed Wildlife game ledger will be returned at the owners expense.

Thank you,
The Management.

FALL 2015 Price List for Custom Tanning


Wet and Dry Tan services available.




Due to Seasonably warm weather we DO NOT recommend shipping raw frozen skins until after Sept 28th, 2015.



Cashmere Goat Hide in full fiber.

Nubian Goat Hide


ALWAYS Call us before sending your hides so we know to expect them. DO NOT send them Signature Required! This can result in a DISASTEROUS Delay in Arrival in our Rural area.

Skinning is additional, at the rate of $25 per hour. Fleshing and Turning is included in all prices, unless noted otherwise. Please Contact us for pricing for already properly fleshed and salt/air dried skins.  Please see our Definitions below and our Policies.


For Detailed Hide Care and Shipping Instructions please go HERE.


 Please Include this Form with your Deposit and Hides For Custom Tanning. For your convience it can be printed HERE.


Wallhangers- With 3 or less feet. May or May not have a face. Not Mountable or suitable for taxidermy.

Wallhanger/Lifesize- Any hide with both a face and  all 4 feet. Will be suitable for taxidermy.

Plushable- Soft tanned skins with mountable faces and with feet. Special care is given to finish these skins with a realistic body shape, ready for Soft Taxidermy or Plushies. Simply rehydrate the heads and mount.

Cape- A skin suitable for a shoulder mount, No feet, Cut off behind front shoulders and at the knee, Includes face.

SF- Soft or Dry Tan- Soft Finished Hide, for a wallhanger, rug or throw. 

WT-Wet Tan- For Taxidermy  Use.  Must be stored frozen.

Garment Tanned- Super Thin, supple leather. Fur is often "brightened". Faces are not shaved for taxidermy use, inner eye skin, lips and earbutts are often cut short. Suitable for Garments or just hanging on the wall.

Cased- A skin with no belly incision, only cut up front feet a short way and cut from foot to foot on back legs. aka Tubed.

Linear Foot- Length of a skin from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail.

UGr- Ungroomed. Hide is as it came off animal, it may have chaff, burrs, sawdust and other foriegn matter.

GR- Hide is FULLY groomed and clean, free of all foreign matter, sticks, burrs chaff, etc. All Species are groomed unless noted otherwise with the UGr abbreviation.

Fleshing- The act of removing all meat and fat from the body of a skin.

Turning- Splitting the lips, eyes, ears, nose, tails and toes for use in taxidermy. 


Custom Tanning Prices 


Return Shipping is Included in all prices.


Washington Sales tax applies to all orders picked up at the shop or shipped to a Washington Address.



Fleshing, Turning and Salting is included in all prices, no additional charges apply for these services.  Skinning will be charged at $25 per hour. 

PLEASE Do not salt your skins under any circumstances.  Simply Fold your skins, meat sides together and fold or roll and freeze ASAP.  Or Freeze the animal whole(if its under 25 pounds or so) and you are unsure how to proceed. Please call us if you have any questions. (509)422-3814



If you are having a specimen drop shipped to us, please make sure the shipper includes your name, address, phone with the item.  You still need to fill out the Shipping form/Game Ledger and mail it to us to arrive before or shortly after arrival of your specimen. Please also include your deposit with your form. 


Deposits can be made by Check, Money order, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal.


PLEASE note- If a species or a specific type of hide (cape/lifesize/etc) is not listed, it must be preapproved before shipping.



Domestic Type Sheep


Washable Sheepskins-  Recommended for White wooled and Colored wool Sheepskins with 1 to 4 inch wool $145 Per hide


Washable Shearlings- Recommended for Wool sheep with wool breaks or damage. Hides are shorn to 1/2", 3/4" or 1" long wool $155 per hide


BRIGHT White Tan- non-washable-  Recommended for Short to Long wooled Pure white hides $245 per hide


Heritage Tan- Our Natural type, NON CHROME Tan- non-washable, Any Breed, Ungroomed, Recommended for Katahdins and other hair breeds, or wool type that you want to groom yourself as listed below. $175 per hide


Heritage Tan- FULLY  HAND GROOMED- Recommended for Icelandics, Katahdin/Wool crosses, Romneys, Lincolns, Some Fresians and Jacobs.

NOT for Medium to Fine wooled breeds. - Hides subject to tannery approval and possible referal to another method. $325 per hide. 


Stillborn Lambskins- Any breed/type- Up to 3 sq ft- $40 per hide




Calf- up to 9 sq ft.

Hide per sq. ft.-SF- $20.00

Cape- WT- $110

Lifesize- WT-   Up to $350.00*

Camelid- Llama, Alpaca, Etc
Hide per sq. ft.-SF-Ungroomed- $22.00

Cow, Bull, Steer
Hide- Each-SF-  $575

Cape- WT- Up to $700*

Lifesize-WT- Up to $3000*

Goat- Angora

Hide-SF- Ungroomed- $145 per hide
Hide per sq. ft.-SF-GR- $21.00
Lifesize- WT- $100 to $500*

Goat- Cashmere

Hide -SF- UGr- $145 per hide
Hide per sq. ft.-SF-GR- $15.25

Lifesize WT- $100 to $350*

Goat- Dairy/Meat
Hide -SF- Small (less than 6 sq ft) $75 each

Hide- SF- Large (more than 6 sq ft) $125 each

Lifesize- WT- Newborn to 1 month- Each- $135

Lifesize- Juvenile to adult- $150 to $380*

Horse- Domestic
Hide -SF- $700

Cape- WT- Up to $700

Lifesize- WT- UP to $3000

Lamb, Kid- up to 1 month old

Plushable- SF- $155 each

Lifesize- WT- $135 each


Hide- Standard or Rex Hair-GARMENT- $14 Each

Hide- BULK- 25 pieces per order or more- Standard or Rex Hair-GARMENT- $11 Each
Hide- Angora type- SF- $18 Each

Sheep- Katadin, Corsican, Hair Type

Cape- WT- Up to $135 each

Plushable/Lifesize- Each- $150 to $350*

Sheep- Wool

Cape- WT- GROOMED- Up to $200

Plushable/Lifesize- Each- $150 to $450*


North American




Hide-Garment- $95

Hide -SF- $700

Black Bear

About Bears-  Please remove great chunks of fat to reduce shipping weight if necessary. 
Cape- WT- $160

Full per linear ft.-SF or WT- $85

Bobcat, Lynx
Plushable/Lifesize- SF or WT $195


Cape- WT- $65

Plushable/Lifesize-SF or WT- $175

Deer-Whitetail, Blacktail, Mule- WE ONLY ACCEPT DEER TAKEN IN WA STATE.
Hide-SF- $165
Cape- WT- $135

Cape-WT- $85- Turned, Fleshed and Salted Capes Only (by Approval)

Hide- Full Flat-SF- $375 each

Hide- Back half-SF- $275 each

Fox-  Wild- Red, Grey, Swift, Etc.

Plushable/Lifesize-SF or WT- $155


Moose- Alaskan, Canadian, Shiras
Hide- Full Flat-SF- $750.00

Mountain Lion
Full per linear ft.-SF- $75


Wallhanger-Garment -$125



Skunk- (Overly Smelly Skunks will not be tanned, They will be returned at owners expense)

Wallhanger-Garment -$40

Wallhanger/Lifesize-SF or WT- $175 to $450*
Wallhanger-Garment-$80 to $250*




We do custom tanning on Pets, Domestic Dogs and Cats. Since they vary so much in size and diffculty, please contact us with breed and size for a quote.  We do not however do pet taxidermy. Pets require payment in full at time of arrival. Cleaning of Skeletons and skulls also available. Please call or email us for a quote before shipping.


Pet Shipping Form



Buckskins and Leathers

We no longer offer hair off tanning, But we do stock a large quanity of finished leather in a huge variety of colors.

Available here.