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Select Cut Antler Pieces- Project Pieces

Please see our Grade Descriptions for a more detailed description of what the terms we use to describe our antler products and others mean. Some of these items are One-of-a-Kind and are sold on a first come first served basis. What you see is what you get. All items are subject to prior sale- we try to update daily but this is not always possible. Please refer to PLTL#**** when ordering these items. Please refer to the description that follows each item for more information about that item.


We can custom cut all of our antler products to your exact specifications. We've cut antler for hundreds unique of custom projects and will work with you to find the species and pieces that will work best for you


Antler for Gun Grips:

To order, please email us with the make and model of the firearm and we'll let you know what info we need.  Antler is Cut to order. $25 a Pound.

If your a beginner, 1911 grips are easier than curved Revolver type grips. Antler can easily be worked with a dremel, bandsaw and belt sander. Always wear a good respirator.

Other Antler Projects: Price Varies

Salt and Pepper shakers, Butt plates, bolo ties, buttons, bagpipe parts, pen blanks, and more. Just Email us!



Deer  and Elk Antler Rosettes/Burrs- Ready for polishing, thinning, carving and other decorative work. Great for Jewelry, bolos, and more. Assorted Sizes..

Deer Rosettes
* All pieces are rough Cut. May include a short section of Beam. 
Add $1 each to Trim Flat.

Assorted Deer- As pulled from Bin- $1 each
XS Deer $1.25 each- under 1" diam, limited Quantities
S-M Deer $1.50 each- 1" to 1.25" Diam
L Deer $2.00 each- 1.25 to 1.75" Diam
XL Deer $3 each- 1.75"+ Diam, Limited Quanities.
Cuttoffs/Seconds- Assorted as pulled from bin $0.50 Each
Elk Rosettes
* All pieces are rough Cut. May include a short section of Beam. 
Add $1 each to Trim Flat.
Assorted Elk- $4 each - includes Natural Shed burrs and burrs from Hunted elk.
Small Elk - $6 each- 2" and Under, Limited Quantities
Average Elk- 2" to 3.5" $7.75 each
XL Elk 3.5"+- $11 Each
Cuttoffs/Seconds- Assorted as pulled from Bin $4 each



Knife Handles-

Shed Antler Sections with an intact burr/rosette.

Small-Shed Antler Sections with an intact burr/rosette, 4" to 6" long. May or May not have a cut off brow tine. Smaller Diameter for Patch and small knives.  Also suitable for silverware and table/grill utensils.  (5/8" to 1 " dia. on average in the center)  $6.99 each

Average-  5" to 6" long. May or May not have a cut off brow tine. Diameters will fit comfortably in your hand. (Approx 1" in the center) For Large Hunting/Bowie type knives. $9.99 each-

Jumbo- 1 1/4" diameter or more-  5 to 8 inches long. May or may not have a cut off brow tine. $12.99 Each


To select pieces with no brow tine (naturally not present) add $2 per piece.


ELK- Knife handles- From Shed Elk Spikes- LIMITED QUANTIES- Most are nearly perfectly straight and vary between 1" and 1.5 inches on the cut end.  $16.99 each.

Elk Beam- For Scale type Knives-  Straight Sections with Large Flat areas. For Full Tang and folder style knives and Gun Grips. $38 per Pound.



Tobacco Pipe Blanks-  approx 3.5 to 5" long Depending on Style. $30 per pound. Number of pieces per pound varies with each style (4 to 8 pieces).

Style 1-  Top Row- Beam Section With long straight tine-

Style 2- Bottom Left- Straight Burr Sections, no brow tine-

Style 3- Bottom Right- Smooth antler Sections- Best for detailed shaping or carving