Promise Land Tannery

Est. 2006

Fur and Leather Scraps and Pieces

Small parts and pieces great for crafts, accents, repairs, scout and classroom projects. 

Fly Tying Pieces found at bottom of page. Sold by the Square Inch.

See our Grade Descriptions for a more detailed description of these lots. Some of these items are all One-of-a-Kind and are sold on a first come first served basis. What you see is what you get unless noted otherwise. All items are subject to prior sale- we try to update daily but this is not always possible. Please refer to PLTL#**** when ordering these items. Please refer to the description that follows each item for more information about that item.

Click thumbnails for sample photos of each fur.  Samples may be in a finished product or full pelt.  This is NOT what you will recieve. Just representative of the type, characteristics and quality of the fur/hair.


*** MANY of these items  and others are available for immediate purchase and secure online checkout thru our Etsy shop:  FURRIES ***


Faces/Masks, Feet and Tails

These faces are all nice, soft tanned Faces off of Garment tanned furs. Most have some damage to them, like cuts on eyes/lips, crinkled ears etc.  They are mostly soft with some stiff areas like the lips/nose.  Nice for crafts or Fly tying. Not Taxidermy quality. Larger Faces like Goat, Deer, Elk and Buffalo  when noted are taxidermy Quality with intact eyes, noses, lips etc.  Lower lip may be split on some.

Our soft tanned Feet are also salvaged from Garment quality furs. May have slight damage and varying amounts of leg/body skin attached. Not taxidermy quality. Taxidermy quality feet are available upon request.

Tails are also salvaged but have soft leather and are great for crafts, keychains, replacements/repairs and other projects.

Listed from Left to right starting on top row and working down.

Subject to stock on hand.

Mink Faces-Assorted colors including white, brown, black and broken- No choice- $1.75 each

Dyed Black Muskrat Faces-Dyed Black- $1 each

Natural Muskrat Faces- $1 each

Natural Pine Martin Faces- $1.75 each

Natural Coyote Faces-  Jumbo- $7.99 each

Natural Coyote Faces- Average- $4.99 each

Natural Blue Fox Faces- $7.99 each

Natural Raccoon Faces- $4.50 each

Natural Beaver Faces- $4.50 each

Natural Grey Fox Faces- $5.75 each

Natural Red Fox Faces- $6.50 each

Natural Squirrel Faces- $1 each

Natural Kit Fox Faces- $5.99 each

Natural Bobcat Faces- $6.99 each

Natural Domestic Calf Faces- Craft Quality- $15.50 each

Natural Domestic Calf Faces- NO Neck-Taxidermy Quality- $30.50 each

Natural Domestic Calf Faces- Craft Quality- $15.50 each

Natural Domestic Calf Faces- With at least 10" of Neck-Taxidermy Quality- $45 each

Natural Domestic Goat Faces- Craft Quality- $15 each

Natural Domestic Goat Faces- Taxidermy Quality- $35 each

Natural Domestic Sheep  Faces- Craft Quality $15 each

Natural Domestic Sheep  Faces- Taxidermy Quality $35 each

Natural Domestic Rabbit/Hare Faces- $3.75 each

Natural Deer Faces-No ears- Craft Quality- $17 each

Natural Deer Faces- With Ears-  Taxidermy Quality- $35 each

Natural Wolf Face- with Ears- Craft Quality-  Subject to stock on hand

Natural Wolf Face- with Ears- Taxidermy Quality- Subject to stock on hand



Check our Etsy Shop for the Current Stock of these items:

Natural Elk Faces-No ears- Craft Quality-

Natural Elk Face- With Ears- Taxidermy Quality

Natural Buffalo Face- No Ears- Craft Quality

Natural Buffalo Face-With Ears- Taxidermy Quality

Feet, Paws and Legskins


Natural Feet- Assorted Species including-Bobcat, Martin, Fisher, Fox, Coyote and more- If a specific species is required please contact us about availability and see list below. Assorted Species- Our choice.  $2.50 each

By Species-

Badger- Front Paws- $8 each


Bobcat-3"-5"- $5.50 each

Bobcat- Jumbo- 5"-10"- $10 each

Calf- Stillborn- Wet tanned- Mixed Colors- $25 per pair


Coyote- Select, Jumbo- 8" plus long $5.00 each


Coyote- #1 Average- 3-6" long- $4

Fox- May include red, grey, amber, arctic or other fox/colors $6.00 each

Goat Kid/Lamb- Mixed Colors- $5 each


Hoofed Mammals- assorted- Deer, sheep, goat- $7 each

Lynx- $11 each

Lynx- Small- $5 Each

Wolf- $25 each and UP.


Natural and Dyed Tails


 By Species- not pictured

Bobcat- $8 each

Coyote- Select, Jumbo- 14" plus long $15 each

Coyote- #1 Average- 11-14" long- $10 each

Coyote- Craft- 11" or less long- or Slight damage/rubs- $5 each

Fox- Red- $15

Fox- Silver- $18

Fox- Assorted Ranched $20

Fox- Grey $15

Mink- $7

Otter- $20

Pine Martin- $7

Raccoon- $8

Calf Tails $12

Whitetail Deer- Tanned- $10

Whitetail Deer- Dried $8

Mule Deer- Tanned $10

Mule Deer- Dried $8

Wolf- Call or email for availability

Horse- Check our Etsy Shop for Current Stock

Cow- Check our Etsy Shop for Current Stock

Bison- Check our Etsy Shop for Current Stock

Exotics and African species- Check our Etsy Shop for Current Stock


Buckskin and Leather Scraps

These are cut leather pieces that are assorted grain and suede pieces of assorted types of thin to medium weight leathers. They range in size form about 6 inches square to about 2 sq ft. Some may have blemishes and/or holes. Irregular shaped pieces.

Sample Mix of Buckskin Scrap


PLTL #BS1 - Single Assorted Pieces- $2.50 each- Our Choice.

PLTL #BS2  2 Pound Bag of Assorted Buckskin pieces  $25.99 per bag.

Smaller Pieces Great for crafts, mixed colors. No color or size choice. Most bags average 5-15 pieces


Furriers Scraps

These items are all cut from garment quality furs, they are irregular shaped pieces varying from small postage stamp sized pieces to complete hide skirtings (what's left after several large pieces are cut from the center of  a hide. Usually the belly, face, and tail portions.) Even #1 lots of fur scrap can have some slips or matting of fur.


Hide and Fur Pieces By the Pound

Assorted Garment Furrier Scraps. These pieces are salvaged from the garment industry.  They are often Skirtings, Necks, Bellies, Rumps etc. But they can also include pieces that were mis-cut, or were cut and then found to have a small flaw making them unsuitable for the project. Pieces may still have slips, mats, holes or furless areas, but each lot will have LOTS of usuable fur for crafts and repairs. Or for Children and Youth Groups, Educational displays and more. Please Check with your local state game office regarding the Purchase of animal parts and fur.  Pieces vary in size, shape and color. Randomly chosen, no choice.  IF you need a specific piece, with specific dimensions for a project please check out our Select Fur, Sold by the square inch found below.


Natural and Dyed Fur Scraps-  Assorted species and size pieces, no choice. Assorted species, Our Choice, Species May include- Fox, Coyote, Beaver, Muskrat, Mink, Otter, Bear, Martin, Skunk, Bobcat, Raccoon, Badger, Rabbit, Angora, Buffalo or Cashmere, Etc. Some fur pieces may be dyed. 1 pound bag (approx 1 gallon of  fur)- $9.99 each

Natural and Dyed Fur Scraps-(not pictured)  Assorted species- Large Choice Pieces- pieces varying in size from 6 by 6 inches and larger. Often time these are pieces that were cut to the wrong size/shape for a project. 1 pound bag (approx 4 to 10 pieces)- $21.99 per bag


PLTL #HPLL  $7.99-   1/2 lb bag of Hair-on Hide Pieces- Assorted species, Our Choice, Species May include- Deer, Elk, Beef, Sheep, Goat, or Buffalo.

PLTL #RLLH- $105- 10 Assorted #1 Garment Quality Rabbit Pelts-  Standard fur. 10" by 8" or larger, most will average 12" by 14" Assorted Colors, No more than 30%- 3 hides) will be solid white. Our Choice, Colors May include- White, Speckled, Spotted, Solids, Greys, Browns, Blacks, Creams, Tans, Harlequins, Magpie Harlequins, Chinchilla, Etc.  These are very nice, thick furred pelts from Locally Grown meat rabbits. No foreign hides.


Select Grade-Species Specific Hide and Fur Pieces for Crafts and Fly Tying

Sold by the Square Inch (1" by 1") In continuous pieces. ie. 15 sq inches will be a 3" by 5" piece or a 1" by 15" piece, etc, your choice. Up to 144 sq inches on most species, More on larger speices like buffalo, elk and cow sized animals. All Hairs/Furs are natural colors unless noted otherwise. Some speices are very limited on the size of piece that can be cut, After a certain point we will recommend you purchase a full hide.

All Furs are on soft garment tanned leathers just like our assortment lots listed above, unless noted otherwise.

Great For pouches, bags, totems, dreamcatchers, restocking your fly box and other crafts.

Click thumbnails for sample photos.


Order as much or as little as you need. Minimum order of 1 square inch.

Prices subject to change seasonally and with availability.

Marking of pieces available- Add one extra Square inch to Cost.

Please Refer to Name and Number when ordering.

Sample Photos- Representative only. Exact color and hair length can and will vary.

Alpaca #60- mixed colors- 4

Antelope- Pronghorn #46, Mixed white/Orange Body - 50¢

Badger- American #75- 60¢

Black Bear- Black #36 - 50¢

Black Bear- Brown Phase #80 -50¢

Beaver #39- 45¢

Beaver- Sheared #81- 59¢

Bison Body #68 -55¢

Blesbok #3- 40¢

Bobcat #34- 50¢

Buffalo- Cape #2 - 40¢

Calf  Body- Mixed Colors-(non-Black)#53-  40¢

Calf  Body- Black #53- 35¢

Caribou #18-  42¢

Chamois #17- 50¢

Chinchilla #21-  90¢

Cow #31- Winter Hair- Mixed Colors- 40¢

Cow #30- Summer Hair- Mixed Colors- 40¢

Cow #45- Scottish Highland- Mixed Colors- 40¢

Coyote #44 - 40¢

Deer-  Axis #29 -6

Deer- Blacktail #64- 55¢

Deer- Fallow #19- assorted colors-55¢

Deer- Mule #1- Winter Hair-40¢

Deer- Mule #28- Summer Hair- 42¢

Deer- Whitetail #67- Winter- 40¢

Deer- Whitetail #35- Fawn- 90¢

Eland #8- 40¢

Elk Body #38 -40¢

Elk Mane #82- 1.5" up to 3" or more hair length -65¢

Fisher #79- 95¢

Goat- Angora #48- Assorted Colors and lengths- 60¢

Goat- Cashmere #27- Mixed Colors less than 3" long- 48¢

Goat- Cashmere #27- Mixed Colors 3" Plus long- 90¢

 Goat Kid # 52- Assorted Colors- 45¢

Goat #47- Dairy/Meat type-33¢

Groundhog #62- 57¢

Fox- Arctic #78- 90¢

Fox- Grey #51- 90¢

Fox- Red #50- 50¢

Gemsbok #14 - 42¢

Giraffe #15 - 90¢

Horse #37- Mixed Colors- 35¢

Impala #12 - 40¢

Jackal- Black Backed #20 - 90¢

Javelina #26 - 55¢

 Kudu #10 - 42¢

Llama #55 - 40¢

Lynx #42 - 55¢

Mink #58- 60¢

Moose- Shiras #40 -44¢

Mountain Lion(Cougar) Body #73- 48¢

Musk Ox #33 - 80¢

Muskrat #54 - 47¢

Nilgai #7 - 40¢

Nutria #43 - 55¢

Nyala #5 - 40¢

Opossum- Austrailian #16- 55¢

Opossum- Virginia #56- 40¢

Pig-European Boar #22- assorted colors-  53¢

Pig-Feral #23- assorted colors-  43¢

Pig-Domestic #24- assorted colors-  43¢

Rabbit- Domestic, Angora type #70- assorted colors-40¢

 Rabbit- Domestic, Standard Hair  #66- assorted colors 30¢

Rabbit- Rex #49- assorted colors-38¢

Rabbit- Snowshoe #77 -70¢

Raccoon #57- 42¢

Reedbuck #4 - 40¢

 Reindeer #69 (domestic) 45¢

River Otter #74- 65¢

Sheep- Icelandic #83- Mixed Colors-55¢

Sheep- Katahdin- Summer Coat #41- A breed with both downy wool and a hollow, floating guard hair- 40¢

Sheep- Katahdin- Winter Coat #72- A breed with both downy wool and a hollow, floating guard hair- 40¢

Sheep- Wool #25 - White- 40¢

Sheep- Wool Lamb #65- assorted colors- 40¢

Striped Skunk #59 - White with Black-65¢

Squirrel #84- Mixed- 65¢

Tsessebe #6- 40¢

Warthog #32 - 60¢

Waterbuck #13 - 40¢

Weasel (Ermine) #76- 99¢

Wildebeest- Blue #11 - 40¢

Wolf- Grey #61- Assorted Colors- 90¢

Wolverine #63- 90¢

Zebra #9- 7