Promise Land Tannery

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Grade Descriptions for Furs, Hides and Leathers

Please Know your local & state laws. All Items offered for sale here are legal to sell/barter within Washington. Check your state laws for legality of specimens within your state. We are not responsible for knowing your laws.

Size Descriptions- For scrap fur and leather lots*

Small Pieces- From Postage Stamp to palm size

Medium Pieces- From Palm to Hand Size

Large Pieces- From Hand to Small Dinner Plate

XL Pieces- Dinner Plate and Larger

*Item approximations are the size object you could cover with the leather of the piece but not necessarily in that shape. It could be long strips or irregular pieces.

Grade Descriptions- For Furs

#1- Very nice Furs with no or very minor rubs, slips, mats, etc. Good leather with no major holes and/or just a few small holes.

#2-Nice Furs with some minor rubs, slips or mats etc. good leather with one or two major holes and/or several small holes.

Craft Grade- Useable furs with Useable leather, May have varying portions of unusable leather caused by Thin spots, slips, mats, holes, or rubs. These hides are quite useable for small to med projects. Percent of Useable item will be noted in listing.

Grade Descriptions- for Leathers

#1- Hide has no holes in body of hide, may have holes within 6-8" of the edge. On grain leathers, no minor grain blemishes.

#2- Hide has one or more holes in body of hide. Grain leathers may have minor grain blemishes.

Craft- Hide has numerous holes, but a lots of useable leather for smaller projects. Grain leathers may have major grain blemishes.

Grade Descriptions- for Antlers

#1 - No chews/damage

#2- Slight rodent chews or chipped or broken tines caused by the deer.

#3- Chews or Damaged antler- including freshly broken tines, broken beams, damaged burrs from saws.

Hard Brown-  Antler is a brown color to dark grey.

Hard Grey- Antler is a grey/brown color, no cracking.

Hard White- Antler has little or no color, may have very slight cracking.

Weathered- Antler is still useable but has surface cracks and slight chalky texture. With sanding and polishing a usable surface can be revealed or use as is for a rustic look.

Naturally Shed- These antlers are naturally cast off by the buck/bull.

Cutoffs- Antlers are cut off of the skull just below the burr/rosette leaving a small amount of pedicels attached to the antler. These antlers are off of legally harvested deer/elk.

Breeder Cut Antlers- These antlers are cut off of living deer by breeders to prevent injury to bucks/bulls housed with other males. They are cut off ABOVE the burr (Between the Burr and First Point).