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Promise Land Tannery

Est. 2006


Rabbit Hides

What We Are Looking For:

Standard Furred Hides- Minimum 8 weeks of age.

Rex Furred Hides- Minimum 12 weeks of age.

Angora/Wooly Type Hides- Minimum 8 weeks of age.

At this time we are accepting all colors and patterns. 

Other Rabbit Byproducts

What We Are Looking For:

Rabbit Lower Fore Legs- Front Legs, Disjointed at the elbow.  Unskinned is fine. 6 weeks and older.

Skulls- From Mature (1 year +) Purebred Rabbits. Must be damage free, Marked for age, sex and breed. Individually bagged.


What We Pay:

*Prices subject to change without notice.

* Prices are PER HIDE.

Hide Types Highlighted in Red, are Eligible for STORE Credit only. No Cash Value. Store Credit can be used towards any item in our Etsy Shop, Website or For Custom tanning/Cleaning Services.  Shipping Credit on these items is also only reimbursed as store credit.

Damaged, Molting, Urine Stained hides- $0.25

MATURE Buck Hides- with Fur Issues $1.00


Standard Furred Hides:

Small- Generally 8 to 12 week average sized meat breeds, Adult Dwarf and Dutch Type $0.50

Average- Most 12 week+  and small/average meat breed adults $1.25

Jumbo- Extra Large Breeders, Flemish and other Giant breeds $2.00+

Average and Jumbo Broken (spotted) or Harliquen $2.00+

*Premium Paid above list prices for quality Silver Fox and Champage Hides. These types are also eligible for Cash reimbursement.


Rex/Satin Furred Hides:

Small- Young rabbits with less than quality fur $0.50

Average- 14-20 weeks with quality fur- $2.00+

Jumbo- Adult/Breeders with quality fur $3.00+


Angora/Wooly/Fuzzy Furred Hides:

Hides with matting/felting- $0.25

Small- $1.50

Average- $2.50

Large- $3.00+


Rabbit By Products:

Skulls (as described above)- $2 each

Rabbit Lower Fore legs - $0.30 each








DO NOT Ship rabbit hides between May 15th and Sept 28th Due to warm ambient tempratures.

Allow skins to freeze fully (7 days) before shipping.

We reimburse $1 per hide for shipping. Please see note above about hides eligible for store credit only.  Flat rate, regardless of the method used. We encourage you to save up large batches of 15 to 30 hides or more to get the best value on shipping and reduce thawing during shipping. Please follow the shipping instructions in the tutorial below for Large boxes.  Please follow the special directions and considerations for using USPS Flat Rate Boxes. Be sure to include the form with each box.

MAXIMUM QUANTITY PER SHIPMENT- 100 Hides.  No limit on Legs or skulls.


If your hides arrive spoiled we will not purchase them, they will be discarded. USPS and UPS do not pay claims on spoiled, perishable items.

USPS Priority is recommended for residents of AK and anyone East of the Mississippi River.

UPS Ground is recommended for anyone West of the Mississippi River(provided boxes shipped on Monday will arrive on Friday.) 



Please Contact us by Phone or Email before Shipping items.


Form for Shipping Hides to us to sell:



Tutorial for Large Packages:



Tutorial for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes:

USPS Tutorial