How to Fold and Ship Salted Skins


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Shipping Salted Hides


How to Fold a Salted Hide for Shipping: A photo Tutorial

-Your Goal is to have all of the hair concealed within the bundle with only the much more durable meat side exposed.

Step 1: When your hide is mostly dry but still foldable lay it on a flat surface hair side up.


Step 2- Fold ears in against the head.

Step 3:  Acordian Fold Neck, Legs and Tails insid the margins of the hide.

Step 4- Fold Hide in thirds with hair inside.

Step 5:  Fold Last Third up.

Step 6: Fold Left 1/4 over towards center

Step 7: Fold Other 1/4 over and you are ready to ship. If your hide is stiffer and wants to unfold, tie a piece of string around it to hold it until it totally dries.


Boxing Salted Hides: A photo Tutorial

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