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USPS Flat Rate Box Tutorial.


Step 1-

Use the Square Large Flat Rate Boxes (Free at the Post office). Securely tape the bottom of the box closed. USE LOTS of tape.


Step 2-

Line the box with the following in this order:

Trash bag


Trash bag

Trash bag

USE GOOD Trash bags. Do not use grocery store bags, feed sacks or other bags. These will not contain leaks, and if your package leaks the USPS has every right to throw it away.

Step 3-

Turn Hides fur side out.  Be sure hides are Fully cooled or completely thawed and PACK the box tightly into the centermost trashbag.  Fill the box as tightly as possible.  You need as much frozen mass as you can to keep the hides in good condition. DO NOT USE ICEPACKS. These are wasted weight and space.


Step 4-

Seal each bag individually, either by ziptie or knot.


Step 5-

Seal the Box. Use lots of tape. Freeze entire box for at least 7 days.


Step 6-

ALWAYS Ship frozen parcels on MONDAY.  Drop them off as close to pickup as possible so they don't sit in the warm post office.