Promise Land Tannery

Est. 2006


Promise Land Tannery's Virtual Museum

Here you will find a very diverse collection of unique, freak and impressive specimens.  Sadly these are not for sale, only for your viewing pleasure.  All of these specimens are real, unless noted otherwise. They show the wide range of nature and the things that can go wrong with it.  They also exhibit healed injuries, disease processes, age/diet related degeneration and more. Caution, some of these photos can be graphic to some viewers, if you are squeamish please proceed with caution.




Alpaca Cria

Full term Alpaca Cria Skeleton, Notice the soda can for size refrence. A very unique little creature.

Photos, Cleaning and Articulation done by Adam Manthey.


Angus Calf

This is the skeleton from the dwarf female Angus calf shown below. Notice the near absence of the second leg bone. The Skull is not original. Photos, Cleaning and Articulation done by Adam Manthey.


Cougar Skull

This Female Cougar had suffered a blow to the face resulting in deformed nasal bones, note how one side is caved in. This injury was several years old and fully healed.


Bobcat Skull

This bobcat had suffered probably a bite to the upper sinuses.  The hole goes al the way into the sinus cavity and missed the brain by about a 1/4 inch. The hole has begun to heal and was not noticeable on the skinned carcass so the soft tissue had completely healed. The hole is a depression.

Contracted Tendons in an Angus Calf

This  calf is showing contracted tendons. The legs no not bend. Probably as a result of lupine consumption by mother during pregnancy. Stillborn, from malpresentation due to legs.


Dwarf, Three Toed Angus Calf

This small female angus calf was born with elongated dewclaws that look like an extra toe, it also had shortened rigid legs.  It also had a slight parrot jaw and shrunken ears.

Buffalo Calf

This small calf was born without eyes and without a tail and anus.  Exact cause is unknown.  The eye lids were fully formed but shrunken, the tail and anus are totally missing. It also had a shortened upper jaw. No other noted deformities.  This buffalo just lived a few hours after birth, and would not have been viable.

Note the fully formed, but vestigial facial features.


Note the change to facial structure and the shrunken eye sockets.


No tail, no anus.

No colon exit, no hint of a tail base.

Angus Calf

This female angus calf was stillborn. It shows dwarfism, in the form of shorten and twisted/bowed legs. The legs also had a limited range of mobility and all joints in the hind legs except the hip joint were fused. This calf also had odd growths protruding from its face and mouth. It also has an extra fused dewclaw on the front feet.

This calf weighed approx 35 pounds.

Note the shortened legs.

Note the 1" growth on the side of the face.

And the growths within the mouth.

And the Extra Dewclaws.