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Taxidermy Specimens:

Whole Frozen Specimens


All orders with a * at the end of the item # are subject to additional shipping charges as they must ship via 3 day select. Please email me for a shipping quote.


CAUTION: Some photos on this page are graphic, If you are squeamish please proceed with caution.


Check back often as new items are added daily.

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Some suited for Mounting (#1), Some with Slight damage, possibly repairable for mount (#2) or Skeletons/crafts only.


+Many More!



Available now- Solid and Spotted, Standard and Rex furred from .5 lbs up to 4-5 pounds.

Price varies with size and type.



We Currently have about 20 Piglets in stock.  Colors vary from White to Belted/Hampshire in Red/white, Tricolor(white bodied with brown/red and black spots) and other colors. Way more than what's pictured above. Please note the number below each piglet you are interested in. Whole Frozen.  Piglets pictured above are sample photos only. Similar piglets are available.

$15 each


Mini Pot Belly Piglets

Exact piglets shown. Subject to prior sale.

#150422-F - Male, White with black Spots. 14 ounces $20

#150420-C - Female,  Grey with White Belly and White markings 12 ounces $20


#150416-A- Female- Solid Black  6 ounces $20

#150425-A- Male, White with Black Spots, 1 pound $20


#150415-A- Female- Dark Brown with Striping with White Feet and markings 9 ounces $20




Goat Kids-

 Whole Frozen $25 and up

More available than Shown, some shown may be sold.


Wool and Hair Sheep Lambs-

 Whole Frozen $25 and up

More available than Shown, some shown may be sold.


Newborn and Very Young Domestic Animals

Below you will find the list of specimens we often offer for sale throughout the season. Some are quite rare and sometimes are never offered in a season, so please keep this in mind.

Call us for Current List and Prices.

Calves- Dairy and Beef breeds $40 and up-

Lambs- Wool Breeds- $25 and up- Available Now!

Lambs- Hair Breeds- $25 and up

Goat kids- Dairy Breeds- $25 and up- Available Now!

Goat Kids- Boer and Boer X- $25 and up- Available Now!

Piglets- $15 and Up- Available NOW!

Crias- Llama and Alpaca- These are Quite rare and we usually see just one or two each year $100 and up

Yak and Bison Calves- Usually $90 and Up.

Foals- All breeds- These are also quite rare and most years we get one or none at all.  $100 and up.