Promise Land Tannery

Est. 2006


We Buy Hides, Skulls and More

What We Buy:

Here at Promise Land Tannery we often purchase all manner of hides, skulls and other specimens.  Please contact us if you are interested in selling.  Partial list of items below. Hides can also be traded for tanning or merchandise credit. See details below. 

Payment for Hides will be made within 21 days of reciept of COMPLETED Paperwork.


Antler- All Types

Raw Skulls(most North American Species)

Horned Domestic Sheep and Goat Skulls

Raw Exotic Skulls- US RAISED- Deer, Rams, Hogs, Etc.

Icelandic Sheep Hides

Cashmere and Angora Goat Hides

Rabbit Hides- Rex, Standard and Angora Type- More Details

Livestock Born Different- Any Deformity from the simple to the truely weird.


Please Contact us by Phone or Email before Shipping items.


Please See Rabbit Hide Page for special notes about Rabbit Products.


Form for Shipping Hides to us to sell: